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A college education is a sure bet when you want to improve the quality of your life and career. The Brown Mackie College schools' dedicated faculty, flexible class schedules, and individual attention come together to meet our commitment to help you reach that goal, by providing you with an excellent education.


There is a wide range of bachelor's and associate' s degrees, diploma, and certificate programs in the areas of:

  • Accounting and Business
  • Computer Technology
  • Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
  • Health Care, which includes Practical Nursing, Surgical Technology, Occupational Therapy, and Veterinary Technology*.

Work when you choose: our courses are sent out monthly, and are ideal for your busy schedule. Having locations in the Southeastern, Southwestern and Midwestern parts of the United States, Brown Mackie College provides many opportunities for you to learn. Explore the Brown Mackie College experience now through our easy Getting Started process.

Programs, degrees, diplomas, and certificates differ from one location to another.

Legal Studies

The Legal Studies program lays the groundwork for graduates who seek employment as paralegals, legal assistants, or legal secretaries. Students will begin their entry-level positions by working for attorneys and assisting with the preparation of criminal and civil cases, including interviewing clients, investigating facts, drafting legal documents, researching law, and assisting the attorney during trials.

  • Fort Wayne
  • Indianapolis
  • Merrillville
  • Michigan City
  • South Bend
  • Tucson
Paralegal Assistant Certificate

You will be qualified to work an entry-level job directly with an attorney at a legal office or firm once you earn a Paralegal Assistant Certificate.

The purpose of this program is to prepare students to perform legal research and writing for various areas of law. Legal, business, and technical coursework is utilized to meet this objective.

Paralegal assistants perform various jobs and have many responsibilities. They may analyze legal material, organize records and files, conduct research for attorneys, assist in the preparation of legal documents and contracts, and perform other basic administrative functions. Paralegals are not only employed in law firms, but are also in demand in corporate legal departments, insurance companies, banks, and real estate.

This program consists of 48 credit hours of study. Courses of study include legal research and writing, which involves learning to create and organize a research plan, as well as how to utilize both primary and secondary sources via a systematic study of legal issues.

Courses on contracts, breach of contracts and termination are also offered, as well as courses on the application of legal principles to areas such as corporations, agencies, partnerships, and bailments. You' ll also learn the tenets of all facets of the law, including business, family, property, and criminal.

Paralegal: Associate of Science

The Paralegal associate's degree program will undoubtedly prepare students to work, with supervision of an attorney, in entry-level positions and execute general background work for the legal firm. Our goal is to train students in several facets of the paralegal profession. In addition to courses covering aspects of the law, students also receive training in business, computer skills, and general education courses, giving them a broad background to draw upon.

Paralegals and legal assistants are an essential part of the team, as they are the ones who help attorneys prepare for closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings. They carry a great deal of the load on their backs as they are the ones who research the facts behind the cases and research the appropriate laws, judicial decisions, legal articles, and other materials that are relevant to their cases. There are many areas of specialization that a paralegal can focus on. These include litigation, probate law, criminal law, general practice, and corporate law.

This program will consist of ninety-six hours of study for credit. Student courses are offered on:

  • The application of the principles of business law, family law, property law, and criminal law.
  • The ideas behind legal writing and research. They will learn to organize a research plan, utilize primary and secondary sources, and develop a systematic method of researching a range of legal issues.
  • Writing basic contracts, mortgages, separation agreements, and trust instruments.

List of education programs offered by Brown Mackie College

  • Associate of Applied Business in Paralegal
  • Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal
  • Associate of Science in Paralegal
  • Certificate in Paralegal Assistant
  • Diploma in Paralegal Assistant

Brown Mackie College list of campuses

  • Brown Mackie College - Akron - Akron, (Ohio)
  • Brown Mackie College - Atlanta - Atlanta, (Georgia)
  • Brown Mackie College - Cincinnati - Cincinnati, (Ohio)
  • Brown Mackie College - Findlay - Findlay, (Ohio)
  • Brown Mackie College - Fort Wayne - Fort Wayne, (Indiana)
  • Brown Mackie College - Hopkinsville - Hopkinsville, (Kentucky)
  • Brown Mackie College - Indianapolis - Indianapolis, (Indiana)
  • Brown Mackie College - Kansas City - Lenexa, (Kansas)
  • Brown Mackie College - Louisville - Louisville, (Kentucky)
  • Brown Mackie College - Merrillville - Merrillville, (Indiana)
  • Brown Mackie College - Miami - Miami, (Florida)
  • Brown Mackie College - Michigan City - Michigan City, (Indiana)
  • Brown Mackie College - Moline - Moline, (Illinois)
  • Brown Mackie College - North Canton - Canton, (Ohio)
  • Brown Mackie College - Northern Kentucky - Fort Mitchell, (Kentucky)
  • Brown Mackie College - Salina - Salina, (Kansas)
  • Brown Mackie College - South Bend - South Bend, (Indiana)
  • Brown Mackie College - Tucson - Tucson, (Arizona)


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