Fremont College

Fremont College is ideally situated in Southern California in the City of Cerritos, and is an easy, short drive from Los Angeles.

Fremont College promotes student appreciation for the fine distinction of the education the willingness for the passage from school to professional career.

Presently, we are planning to expand our academic offerings to include new degree programs in Business Administration that will focus on Property Management or Bank Operations, and Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy. Other curriculum we offer is the Massage Therapy diploma program, and the ABA-approved Paralegal Studies Degree, which supply training in Legal Practice Technology.

Fremont College resides in an up-to-date, modern facility in Cerritos, CA and is comprised with a highly reputable group of instructors. The creative and successful learning model found at Fremont College and not other schools is called Professional Action Learning Embedded with Industry. At this point, students begin their careers where they apply their learned knowledge immediately after graduation and throughout their careers.

Paralegal Studies Degree. ABA Approved Associate of Arts Degree (60 weeks / 90 units)

Utilizing the proprietary Professional Action Learning Embedded with IndustryT model, Fremont College is set apart from all other education and career training programs by combining the classroom and the workplace to teach. Every student enrolled in the Paralegal Studies program will complete core coursework in fundamental legal theory and practice. Students in Fremont's College' s legal practice technology program learn hands-on skills that they can apply as soon as they enter the work force.

Upon completion of this program you will be awarded with an Associate of Arts degree, which is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). Graduates can take Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) examination, which is provided by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).

Fremont College' s paralegal studies degree offers a complete education that is required to anyone desiring to work as a professional paralegal. Students take advantage of a complete law library, and electronic access to legal practice technology such as LexisNexis®, Shepard's® Citations, Legal SolutionsT and more.

Program advantages include:

  • Core legal classes that offer an inclusive comprehension of numerous legal practice areas
  • Ground-breaking technology that is utilized in law firms, courts, and legal departments
  • Opportunities for paired degrees in Paralegal Studies/Bank Operations or Paralegal Studies/Property Management
  • Beginning and advanced legal research and writing skills will be earned
  • Real-world practices allow students to contribute to their law offices and communities
  • Award-winning faculty, superior staff, and exceptional student and career services
  • Small classes allow for individual time with the instructor
  • Scenic campus and gorgeous location in Los Angeles County, California

Paralegal Course of Study

Students take with them the fundamentals of American law. Basic to the field is English common law, which continues to expand throughout time as court cases, law changes, and administrative proceedings come about. Upon completion the students will have learned how to comprehend legal concepts and be able to appoint in legal analysis. These are important skills for paralegals that want to be involved in appeals and high court decisions. Paralegals are prepared to help draft legal documents and assist attorneys with filing and organizing legal materials with the courts. The American Bar Association (ABA) approves the Fremont College Paralegal Studies degree program, and evaluates its fulfillment annually.

The program is in accordance with the alignment of materials covered and creates a foundation of the core fundamentals. For instance, learners are acquainted to the legal industry, the court system, and how lawyers and paralegals work hand in hand in the workplace. Core to this program is instruction on the legal industry, the legal system and how lawyers and paralegals work together. One class focuses on ethics alone, and these basic concepts are emphasized throughout the program.

Course work in the discipline of Civil and Criminal procedure and practice, as well as Legal Research courses are followed by Ethics, thus rounding up the basic classes for the program on Paralegal Education. Advanced-standing students prepare for legal specialty areas in Family Law, Property & Probate, Torts, and Contracts - and, in corporate law through a course in Business Organizations.

Your options for Graduation and Career

The duties and responsibilities of a paralegal are different at different law firms, and among students too. Paralegals work under the direct supervision of an attorney; however, they are able to lighten attorney caseloads by taking on some of the legal work themselves. Legal research and writing are two of the most common tasks a paralegal with a degree will perform. Paralegals are frequently responsible for case management and organization; court filing or trial exhibit preparation; and drafting mortgage documents, divorce papers, and many other types of legal documents. The number of careers for paralegals is growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is one of the fastest-growing careers of the decade.

Preparing To Become a Paralegal

Career Fremont College makes general education classes available in their program for those working toward earning a Paralegal Studies Degree. Students are prepared to work within the legal system as paralegals, also known as legal assistants once they finish the paralegal education. You need to possess good control over communication, organization, and English writing and grammar skills if you want to be successful in the legal field. Students earn expertise in the general education areas at Fremont and are capable of fulfilling careers as successful researchers, technologists and collaborators in the real world.

Fremont' s English course helps Paralegal Studies students to make immediate contributions in their new law careers. Students will learn proficiency in a range of things: computer applications, business theory and its application, finance, math, and critical thinking skills. Students who complete the program will be prepared for Paralegal careers in California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Cerritos, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, as well as other cities and towns.

Legal Practice Technology and the Digital Courthouse

The American office has been restructured to be cost efficient as well as save in time and space as well. Realize, however that all types of businesses, including law, medicine, and accounting have moved ahead of the "paper offices" to the more modern "paperless" which proves that it is essential for the professional to be flexible in staying on top of the latest technology.

To take on the rapidly changing demands of legal practice, Fremont College at its Cerritos California campus developed an education track in Legal Practice Technology course, designed for the ABA approved Paralegal Studies. After taking this course paralegal students will be ready to work in the wired, or wireless law firm and courtroom. Students are presented with coursework that discusses legal ethics and technology in law, evidence, project management and explain how the paralegal career has grown with the new office and with the litigation support technologies.

Understanding technology is a huge asset in the legal profession. Now more than ever, lawyers and paralegal take advantage of more "gadgets", like electronic court document filing systems and courtroom testimonies made possible through videoconferencing and multimedia platforms, to present their cases in an efficient manner. It is now much easier and faster for the paralegal to conduct research by using electronic databases to pull documents and it is possible to scan and file digital information. Hours wasted hunting through old newspapers and microfiche slides are gone with the wind! Technological advances have allowed paralegals to file briefs and other court documents, and even to present evidence in court, through electronic means. The Legal Practice Technologies course concentrates on the realistic use of electronic databases, electronic filing, as well as the needs of using of technology in the paralegal field including the theory behind the ethical handling and procurement of a client's digital information.

Legal Ethics and Technology

Paralegal students in the Legal Ethics and Technology class will start by learning how to handle confidential digital information as well as studying the role of ethics in using such technology. Students will gain the knowledge of legal ethics and how they interact with computer technology and how abusing that technology amounts to ethical breaches. Here, students will be learning the benefits and drawbacks of the technology. Also, what makes up the attorney-client privilege and the limitations of legal confidentiality will be clarified.

Students learn how to utilize the technology within the field while conducting their investigations and for filing evidence and exchanging electronic media for a lawsuit, and with the court. Paralegals are able to recognize important documents, and know how to connect legal language with codes and scrub meta-data. Also offered as part of the complete program, are teachings in word processing, spreadsheet and PDF (portable document format) creation, as well as database use and management. Once this has been thoroughly covered, the students will then begin discussing the electronic discovery practices as well as the civil procedure. Students will become able to inform clients on the preservation of digital information and will be able to create and retrieve electronic information from the appropriate places.

The Legal Practice Technology class in the Paralegal Studies Program will thoroughly discuss the following:

  • The ethics of managing electronic legal information and resources
  • The proper way to collect and conduct legal information
  • Creating Legal Databases and how to retrieve the information
  • Introducing and Recovering evidence by utilizing email as a way to communicate
  • Itemizing and billing hours and to access dockets by means of technology
  • Retrieval of information, file court papers, and collection of data by means of using e-databases
  • Presenting evidence before a courtroom by utilizing technology

List of education programs offered by Fremont College

  • Paralegal

Fremont College list of campuses

  • Fremont College-Cerritos - Cerritos, (California)


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