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You can choose to earn your bachelor's or associate's degree or you can earn a diploma or certificate in any of the following:

  • Health care
  • Business
  • Computers
  • Legal and professional trades

Our mission is to provide success for your future. Each member of our faculty and staff is 100% dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and experience in which they possess from their many years of experience in their profession. They want to help you be competitive so that you can change a normal job into a rewarding career.

Start Your Success Now:

Kaplan College offers career-focused programs that are affordable and they satisfy the market's requirements and still meet your own unique necessities. You can choose to attend any of the day and evening classes that are designed to fit into your schedule. We proudly provide small classes so that each student can experience individualized attention from our reputable, experienced staff members. You can earn great success by learning from instructors that we have here on our campuses. They are experienced in their professional careers and are willing to give you an inside glimpse into the careers that you could choose from.

Get on Board; Don't Miss Out! Don't wait another day! Now is the time to start your career.

Begin by scheduling classes at Kaplan College, where you can choose from flexible and accelerated class hours that will allow you to still continue on with your hectic life. You'll be able to start working toward a rewarding career when you join us at Kaplan College.

General Practice Paralegal Certificate:

Gain the knowledge, technical skills, and work ethics that are necessary to obtain a position as a paralegal. What was once expected from lawyers has now been delegated to the paralegals. Paralegals now are projected to grow faster than the national average from now through 2014. By training here at Kaplan College, you will be ready to enter into the paralegal profession and build a strong future for yourself.

Kaplan College's Paralegal History:

Originally, Kaplan College began as Denver Paralegal Institute. The Colorado State Board first accredited it for Community Colleges and Occupational Education in 1977. From that point on, Kaplan College has been viewed to be a reputable and respected college in Denver and throughout the United States. The American Bar Association approved our paralegal certificate program in 1979, at which point our credentials allowed us to obtain job leads from law firms that exclusively request our graduates. We look forward to continuing the great success Denver Paralegal Institute has developed here at Kaplan College.

Paralegal Education:

While studying for the General Practice Paralegal Certificate you will gain a thorough grounding in legal principles and real world skills. This program helps prepare you for job-related tasks like preparing legal documents, conducting legal research, and assisting in preparation for trial.

What are the Responsibilities of Paralegals?

The tasks of a paralegal vary depending on the type of employer. More often than not, lawyers delegate the preparation of trials, hearings, and corporate meetings onto the paralegals.

Paralegals often perform other duties, which a few of the many include:

  • Researching facts for cases
  • Identifying appropriate laws and legal articles
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Assisting in law office management
  • Organizing case documents

Career Opportunities:

When a student graduates from the program he or she will be presented with a Kaplan College certificate, at which point the graduate can begin working in their chosen legal field in government offices, law firms, and legal departments.

Studies in Paralegal services

Associate of Applied Science:

Lawyers are demanding more and more paralegals, so the profession is continuing to increase in numbers at a very fast rate. Considering the different types of positions and specialties available in the legal field, this seems to be the best time to join this exciting career.

Here is your chance to train for what you want-a legal career. You can expect a lifetime of working in a rewarding career as a paralegal upon completion of the available programs at Kaplan College. You will have an inclusive understanding in the entire legal system and know all legal procedures.

Once you graduate from Kaplan College you will be rewarded with an associate of applied science degree. This degree will allow you to obtain entry-level employment in many places such as law firms, legal departments of corporations, as well as the public division.


List of education programs offered by Kaplan College

  • Associate: Paralegal
  • Certificate: General Practice Paralegal

Kaplan College list of campuses

  • Kaplan College - Denver - Denver, (Colorado)


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