National College

The main goal of National College is to provide students with the opportunity to carry out duties and responsibilities of business and to assist in job placements, which hold sufficient career advancement opportunities.

Graduates of National College are able to lean in their professional careers and can adjust to any challenges in which they will face in today's business world. We work to provide resources, curriculum, staff, and faculty that will not only encourage, but will enable students the ability to become successes in their fields.


For the well-trained individuals, there can only be continuous gain and expansion in their career opportunities in business and technology.

National College's curricula prepare each student to seize these opportunities by focusing on professional skills that will garner employment in a particular career field. The purpose of our programs is to allow students to learn the proper ways to conduct business and how to manage others in business and organizations. Our graduates are able to satisfy the requirements of the business world.

We take pride in staying up to date with the modern world of technology, which is present in the capabilities of our students and the satisfied employers in the industry. Community representatives serving as Campus Advisory Boards provide current and timely advice relative to the employment needs of business, technical, and government organizations. The College also keeps tabs on the changing demands of the job market by conducting graduate and employer surveys that provide essential feedback.

National College is dedicated to career-oriented programs. All students in our diploma programs gain a well-rounded education and are prepared for entry-level positions. They will have developed the skills they require for their careers upon graduation. Associate degree programs allow students to take courses that would generally be taken as upper-level classes elsewhere. Associate degree graduates are prepared to excel in their field and be highly competitive because of their education. The baccalaureate programs in accounting and management enhance the education earned in the associate degree programs by providing students with more program-specific courses. Graduates are fully prepared to compete in their career fields once they earn an all inclusive and scrupulous education.


Created in the paralegal program are capable paralegals and legal assistance that are ready to work in law offices and other variations of legal settings. Note: Paralegals and Legal Assistants are interchangeable in terminology and are the same. As stated by the National Association of Legal Assistants paralegals are professionals ready to express their knowledge in the legal system and substantive and procedural law. They are capable of working in legal situations with an attorney.

Associate's Degree: Paralegal

Students who graduate from the Paralegal Associate's Degree program will have gained a good grounding in the law and court system. Paralegals are trained to: draft routine pleadings and other legal documents; question clients; accomplish independent research of non-legal matters; perform legal research of simple legal questions; and draw up legal memoranda.

Paralegal Graduates will be eligible to become a Certifies Legal Assistant after passing a credential exam following the core courses offered by the program, including legal office procedures, paralegal studies introduction, legal research and writing, wills, probates and trusts, family law, torts and personal injury, along with pretrial discovery and trial preparation, sales and contract law, medical records analysis, bankruptcy and collections procedures, administrative law, real estate practices, criminal law and procedure, and discuss all career opportunities in Paralegal.

Graduates of this program are capable of becoming Certified Legal Assistants once they pass the credentialing CLA exam.

We are presently offering the program at the Harrisburg and Roanoke Valley campuses in Virginia and at the Dayton Area Campus in Ohio.


List of education programs offered by National College

  • AS - Paralegal

National College list of campuses

  • National College - Dayton - Kettering, (Ohio)
  • National College - Harrisonburg - Harrisonburg, (Virginia)
  • National College - Roanoke - Salem, (Virginia)


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