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The paralegal programs available at Platt College have been created to allow graduates to begin work as paralegals and to maintain a career in the fast paced and stimulating legal industry. Platt College makes two degree options available to their students to choose from, which are the Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies and the Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies Degree.

By enrolling into these programs, you will be fully capable of carrying out tasks required of paralegals in a law office. You will receive a thorough grounding in all aspects of the legal system that you need to know to be a good paralegal. You will learn many important skills including organizational skills, how to research, and effective communication, interviewing and investigation and office management skills.

Externship: We feel that working in the real world is essential in providing you with a well-rounded and all-inclusive legal background. Therefore, as part of the bachelor program you will benefit from an externship, where you will work alongside attorneys and other legal professionals in a law office, or another type of legal environment.

Join the Legal Profession: The paralegal profession is expected to undergo steady growth over the ten years.* Need for experienced professionals is predicted to increase, as a growing population demands more legal services. Your entry into the legal world as a new paralegal will come from increasing demand for Paralegal Assistants from law firms and other employers who wish to make legal services more broadly available.

The paralegal profession is one of the fastest growing occupations in the work force through 2008. New paralegals are expected to increase in quantity by 62%!

A lot of employers want candidates with bachelor degrees over those with certificates.

Source: The United States Department of Labor, Occupation Outlook Handbook

Many of the tasks performed earlier by attorneys in law offices are being done now by Paralegal Assistant Paralegals, which gives them an expanding role in today's law offices.

Paralegals do much more as well, such as prep work, draw up contracts, mortgages, separation agreements, and trust instruments. They might also provide assistance with tax returns or estate planning. Furthermore, paralegals sometimes plan activities of other workers in the law office as well as manage the financial office records.

Paralegals work in different organizations of all kinds, but law firms, corporate legal departments, and government offices employ most. As a paralegal, you might find yourself working in the area of litigation, personal injury, corporate, labor or criminal law, or even bankruptcy or family law.

Join the legal profession as a trained paralegal! The duties of a paralegal include investigating the facts; identifying appropriate articles, materials, judicial decisions, and laws; organizing and analyzing relevant information; writing necessary reports and preparing legal documents; and trial preparation.

So that you can join a legal team you will earn the training and skills that you require. Such skills include helping lawyers with their responsibilities by carrying out important research, preparing legal documents and managing case files.

The Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies Degree program offers an extensive technical knowledge and job skills necessary so that the graduate is qualified to find entry-level employment as a Paralegal Assistant and begin a career in the legal profession.


What qualifications do I need for my career? It is becoming more of a demand that the paralegals have graduated from a paralegal program and have earned an extensive study in the field. There is more of a need now than there has been in the past, and the competitiveness in the job market is fierce. By taking advantage of opportunities for more education, you can become better qualified when seeking entry-level opportunities, and once in the job, you will be able to perform at the highest level.

If you want to become a successful Paralegal, Platt College is able to give you the firm basis and the opportunity to acquire advanced degrees that you will need.

How do you operate? The majority of those working in the paralegal profession seek work in law offices and in the justice system. They usually work regular business hours but often work more to meet deadlines. Paralegals carryout most of their tasks at their desks in an office, but also are required to work in library and sometimes are needed to travel.

At Platt College you will be prepared for legal work in many different environments.

What kind of training will I obtain? At Platt College, the Paralegal Studies program provides a solid grounding in all aspects of law, including:

  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Contracts
  • Family Law
  • Real Estate and Torts
  • Research and Writing
  • Legal Writing and Terminology
  • Paralegal Ethics

The upper division courses are very diverse and include:

  • Estate Planning
  • Criminal Law II
  • Civil Litigation II
  • Family Law II
  • Paralegal Externship
  • Entertainment Law
  • And much more!

During their courses, students are introduced to various legal-related computer programs and online research tools. Platt College offers the required training and skills that make it possible for you to begin entry-level work as a paralegal in many of the legal and law-related professions.


List of education programs offered by Platt College

  • Paralegal Studies Associate of Arts Degree
  • Paralegal StudiesBachelor of Arts Degree

Platt College list of campuses

  • Platt College - Los Angeles - Los Angeles, (California)
  • Platt College - Ontario - Ontario, (California)


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