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Stonecliffe College prepares students for this rapidly expanding field by teaching them valuable hands-on skills. Or those that want to change their lives, the academic environment should motivate and cultivate their goals and hopes for the future. You deserve an education that challenges you, applies to the modern world, and that complement an ever-changing society.

Colorado Technical University Online, which is the academic division of Colorado Technical University, provides an excellent interactive portal to assist you towards an Associate's degree.

We proudly welcome you into our academic learning facility where we strive to provide you with the power you need to earn an Associate's degree at your own pace. For you to be able add relevant qualifications and credentials as you acquire new skills, most degree programs include r�sum�-enhancing CTU Academic Certificates. You will be able to better understand the world as well as your own self.


The field is growing, partly due to the fact that corporations are bringing in even more people into their legal departments in hopes of becoming more efficient in costs. There are many employment opportunities for paralegals that specialize in such areas as real estate, bankruptcy, medical malpractice and product liability. Employment opportunities should be readily available to paralegals that specialize in fields such as real estate, bankruptcy, medical malpractice, and product liability.

Government job opportunities for paralegals are also increasing. Often, in order to minimize expenses and to be able to serve more people, community legal-service programs, which provide assistance to the poor, elderly, minorities and middle-income families will employ additional paralegals. Government agencies on all levels, Federal, State and local, are also expected to continue to hire increasing numbers of paralegals.

What will your degree allow you to do?

Colorado Technical University Online permits students to utilize the opportunity to obtain real-world knowledge and skills in which they need to become qualified legal assistants to the many organizations and law firms needing services in which they can provide.

The Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies is an industry-focused degree program allows you to take your time and earn your education as you see fit so that you can make essential career decisions.

Track Career Opportunities:

Graduates of the program are completely equipped with all the skills, knowledge, and credentials required to work as:

  • Paralegal
  • Legal Secretary
  • Law Clerk
  • Legal Aid
  • Legal Assistant
  • Court Clerk
  • Records Clerk
  • Legal Receptionist
  • And Several Other Occupations

Further Your Education: Students that earn a degree through Colorado Technical University Online may choose to further their education beyond the Associate's degree level.

Colorado Technical University Online is able to help students easily transition into a number of career-oriented Bachelor's degree programs thanks to its status as an academic division of Colorado Technical University. There are several campuses for you to choose from in which Colorado Technical University makes available. Also, if you prefer you could opt to take advantage of Colorado Tech Online.

What is taught in the program?

Students leave the Paralegal Studies associate degree program with an understanding of the legal process and their own role as paralegals in providing legal services. Their time spent gives them the competence and confidence to get jobs, which require legal research, analysis, and writing skills. Our program familiarizes students with the steps of the litigation process, as well as bolstering their competence in legal technology commonly used by paralegals. Not all of the training is technical however, we also strive to develop the interpersonal and organizational skills that allow the student to work effectively as a problem-solving team member, who posses an understanding of key legal concepts and terminology. Reputable, experienced instructors will provide you with insight into the real world of the career that will apply to the interests and opportunities available in Business Administration.


List of education programs offered by Colorado Technical University Online

  • Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies

Colorado Technical University Online list of campuses

  • Colorado Technical University Online - Online School


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