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Virginia College Online offers Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's degree programs in Business, Paralegal, Health Care, IT, Criminal Justice, and Personal/Professional Growth. You can continue your education online, in a flexible environment that meets the needs of today's busy students.

The College has on-ground campuses in Austin, Texas: Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Mobile, Alabama; Pensacola, Florida; Jackson and Biloxi, Mississippi; and Chattanooga, Tennessee. The College has on-ground campuses in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Mobile, Alabama; Pensacola, Florida; Jackson and Biloxi, Mississippi; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Austin, Texas. The other places where the school is involved in are the Golf Academy Schools with campuses in San Diego, California; the Culinary Institute of Virginia College in Birmingham, Culinard, Phoenix, Arizona; Orlando, Florida and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools has accredited Virginia College.

Virginia College Online is proud to continue offering students an outlet to begin their careers and to fulfill their goals. We help them to pursue a degree without forcing them to alter their lives so that they can continue with their previously made commitments to their work and family.

Mission Statement: Virginia College as a private, proprietary institution of higher education is committed to its student body with its wide range offering of diploma programs, as well as associate, baccalaureate, and master's degrees that reinforces students' ability to enter and sustain their chosen careers. The learning experience and placement opportunities are intensified with a balance of general academics, technical skills, and personal growth. Virginia College's objectives are its devotion to its students, the business and technical communities, and the common citizens. A student is trained through the College's curricula in business, business-related, administrative, management, technical, and professional programs, which will help with either entry into the job market or improving chances for advancement in their current job.

Faculty: The dedicated faculty of Virginia College Online was chosen for their experience and expertise in their chosen field. What's best for their students is always their priority. The faculty works to allow students to fulfill their goals in working in an exciting career.

Paralegal Studies - Associate's Degree:

The field of law could not function without Paralegals. Paralegals can be found in attorney's offices, courtrooms, corporations, insurance companies and even in governmental offices and banks. Virginia College Online offers a Paralegal Degree program that prepares you to work in a satisfying, prestigious career with real opportunities to improve the lives of other people.

As more and more lawyers start careers, there is a corresponding need for more paralegals. Occupational Outlook Handbook prepared and published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2006-07 has projected that the employment will grow much faster than average and lawyers due to the fact that the employers want to reduce costs by hiring paralegals that perform tasks formerly carry this out. Instructors with experience in the real world teach the courses. Move forward into an exciting new career minus the sacrifice of commitments to work, family, or service to your country.

Instructors with real-world experience teach the paralegal courses for the Associate's degree. Choosing to complete your Paralegal degree online allows you to fit the program into your tight schedule and not have it dictated to you. You can start pursuing a great new career while still being able to focus on work, family, and service to your country.

Want to be competitive? Interested in continuing your education without forsaking your current job and family responsibilities? All you have to do is submit a request for more information on programs offered at Virginia College Online's Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies. A school that is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is Virginia College. There is financial aid available for those that qualify. To guarantee you the most from your educational experience at Virginia College online, our faculty and staff are always available.


List of education programs offered by Virginia College Online

  • AS - Paralegal Studies

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